Two people squatting with Bergens

The Challenge

The SCOTTY Challenge is the ultimate fitness challenge. In memory of our fallen heroes. In support of the children they leave behind.

The challenge is open for registration from the 1stOctober and goes live on the 1stNovember. Take on the challenge individually or as a group and post your best finishing time at any point during November. Many participants are planning to take on the challenge over the Remembrance weekend to remember those who have lost their lives in the service of their country.

The SCOTTY Challenge is organised by Scotty’s Little Soldiers, the charity for bereaved British Forces children. Taking part is free but we’re hoping as many participants as possible will take up the option to make the suggested donation of £10 to raise funds which will help to provide long term support for the children of the fallen.

All proceeds from the challenge will go directly to Scotty’s Little Soldiers (charity number 1136854).

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  • 400m Run with Bergen
  • Squat hold with Bergen on back - 101 seconds
  • 400m Run with Bergen
  • Push ups with Bergen on back - 50 reps
  • 400m Run with Bergen
  • Plank with Bergen on back - 101 seconds
  • 400m Run with Bergen
  • 101 x Burpees - NO BERGEN
  • 400m Run with Bergen
  • Overhead Bergen hold - 101 seconds
  • 400m Run with Bergen
  • Bear crawl with Bergen on back - 100 metres
  • 400m Run with Bergen
  • Thrusters with Bergen as weight - 50 reps
  • 400m Run with Bergen
  • Pack weight is 35 lbs for men /25lbs for women

Reps can be scaled by half as can the bear crawl distance.

The SCOTTY Challenge Hero Workout was kindly created for Scotty’s Little Soldiers by respected performance coach and athlete Tanya Haeffele. Tanya is also the founder of apparel brand Pyramid Apparel International. Click here to visit the Pyramid Apparel website. 

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